Dr Amr Abid

Amr abid, management consulting, life sciences, in vitro diagnostic, bioprocess, stem cells, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic, regenerative  medicine, cell therapy, drug discovery, translational research, cell biology, proteomics, genomics

My passion is helping businesses to unleash their full potential to achieve innovation, scale, globalisation and profitable growth

I am a visionary leader and influencer recognised as a catalyst for growth, transformation and innovation. I offer a unique blend of executive acumen, entrepreneurship, scientific knowledge, sales, marketing and general management in a global multi-cultural context.


I have over 20 years experience in Life Sciences with blue-chip organisations and have a proven track record of building vision and delivering profitable growth through focus, execution and accountability. In my most recent position as General Manager for GE Healthcare’s Cell Technologies Business, part of Life Sciences Division ($3.7B in revenue), I reported to the CEO and was part of the executive management team as well as being a member of the growth and commercial boards. I managed a large, multi-site global team in R&D, marketing, sales, manufacturing and distribution. I doubled the business revenue and improved the profitability tenfold by introducing innovative instruments, associated software and reagents, successful commercialisation, strategic acquisition and an entrepreneurial culture. I played an important role in the transformation and growth of the Life Sciences Division as the Head of Global Strategic Growth. My visionary thinking and innovative approaches received numerous awards for marketing excellence, best commercial campaigns and best new products introductions.


I graduated with an MSc and a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Nancy, France. Prior to entering the industry, I spent 9 years in academic research in the field of pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Nancy, France. I have published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles